About Treefinity

The Beginning...

My wife, who is a Registered Nurse once attended a conference about bettering the health of our community. I remember her coming home from the conference and telling me all about it. The one thing that really stuck in my mind, amongst all the facts she shared with me, was that poor dental hygiene can not only affect the teeth but the whole body! I actually was pretty surprised. Infections that start in the mouth from lack of brushing/flossing can cause systemic infections which could spread to the brain and may result in not just a rotting tooth but death!!

Who would have thought that from one tiny tooth infection you could potentially die! I was shocked. Still am actually. So, when I found out about bamboo toothbrushes and how great they are for the environment, I thought why not go beyond that and not just help the environment, but help people too! Which is why I wanted my company to make a difference and give back to our community!

You may think, "a toothbrush is only $6 dollars! Why can't they just scrape up some pennies and buy them?!" Because sometimes people don't even have pennies to scrape up.
One day I was walking down the street in Saskatoon, SK Canada and saw some homeless people that were sitting and begging for money. I stopped and asked myself "What would these people buy first if they were given money? Would they buy a toothbrush? Or food? Or drugs/alcohol?" I'm almost certain the majority of them wouldn't buy a toothbrush first!

To know that I hold this power in my hand, the power that could potentially help hundreds of people fight tooth disease is mind blowing! How could I not help?! How could I sit here and live with myself knowing that I could potentially save lives in such a SMALL and SIMPLE way and NOT give free toothbrushes to people in need.

I have been realizing that to BE great doesn't always begin with big things, to be great can begin with small, simple acts throughout your every day life and those small acts may grow into something greater!

So, today let's all be great, not by doing big wondrous things but just by doing one simple small act of kindness.

Because I truly do want each of you to see the beauty in giving.

Bank Preeyapong
Treefinity Founder